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NÅ I 6. OPPLAG! Pushwagners Soft City

NÅ I 6. OPPLAG! Pushwagners Soft City

Pushwagner (kunstnernavn for Terje Brofos, født 1940 i Oslo) begynte arbeidet med billedromanen Soft City i 1969, og gjorde den ferdig i London på midten av 1970-tallet. Men kofferten med originalene forsvant, og var borte i mer enn tjue år før den dukket opp igjen i Oslo i 2002. Originaltegningene ble stilt ut ved Berlin-biennalen for samtidskunst og Sydney-biennalen i 2008, i tillegg har de vært stilt ut ved Gøteborg-biennalen i 2009, og i den Haag.

Soft City regnes som et av Pushwagners hovedverk.

Vinner av Sproing-prisen for årets beste tegneserie og utnevnt til Årets vakreste bok i 2008.

Chris Ware on Pushwagner to Dagbladet: «I'd never heard of Pushwagner nor his amazing Soft City until Espen Holtestaul, the publisher (and Alvin Buenaventura, on two separate serendipitous occasions) very kindly passed along the book to me. It's an absolute masterpiece of comics, and looks as if it was drawn yesterday. Pushwagner shows an understanding of the medium and its visual power that I don't think many, if any, young cartoonists of today can even grasp. What really amazes me about it -- and may somewhat account for its decades-long invisibility in America, at least -- is that it uses the medium of comics to express something profound and complicated, rather than using the received idea of comics as a stand-in for the embarrassing immaturity of American culture, which is a game Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein played out decades ago. I thought Oyvind Fahlstrom understood comics, but he's got nothing on Pushwagner. The book was a revelation to me, and trumps pretty much every underground comic published in America at the same time.»

"A parable of disillusionment, a prophetic warning told in the single cyclical and perhaps very final day of a compliant, unquestioning father and mother and their curious baby, "Soft City" was lost and unseen for years. It was only in 2008 that it finally saw print from No Comprendo Press … It’s a tour de force of graft and application, as there’s no photocopying shortcuts here. He draws the figures and furniture in each room, adjusting the perspective to reflect correctly how they would be seen, from below, directly opposite, and above. Repetitive, meditative, compulsive, this is a labour of conviction, rooted in Sixties and Seventies counter-culture politics and in graphics such as those of Saul Steinberg, Robert Crumb, Jean-Michel Folon or Milton Glaser, clearly fueled considerably by drugs but also by a drive to communicate … Its rediscovery and rescue, its restoration both in book form and now in this touring exhibition in the UK, Norway and the Netherlands, confirm how timely and timeless "Soft City" was, and still is. Prepare to be astonished."
Paul Gravett
ISBN 978-82-91187-78-5
Utgitt juni 2008

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